Gustin New Slim Raw The Super Heavy Selvedge Jeans

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Size: 36

Waist: 35 Inches

Inseam: 38 Inches

Rise: 10.5 Inches

Leg: 8 Inches

Fly: Button

100% Cotton

Model: #17

The Super Heavy is a true selvedge denim trifecta: huge weight, incredible comfort and amazing fades. This is a combination that you rarely find in a single denim, and likely why this style is one of our most popular extra heavy selvedges of all time. The incredible wear-in makes it a must have pair for your collection. 

At 18 ounces this denim is squarely in the extra heavy weight class. The moment you pick this pair up you feel the brick-like heft. However, that's not all you feel. Even in raw form the fabric is amazingly pliable. It's that rare combination of weight and softness that we love. You feel tough wearing this denim but you can actually enjoy it right on day one. That's a very good thing because the fades are absolutely gorgeous. It starts with a bright indigo shade that's a bit lighter than a traditional dark indigo. It has a more open weave that brightens the overall look further. This denim transforms into true work of art over time. Great grain emerges on a sweet medium blue base.